Stone Mountain Golf

The Stone Mountain Golf Courses are the Stonemont and Lakemont. Both are challenging and fun courses to play.

We stayed at the Marriott Evergreen Resort. It’s just down the road from the golf courses, located inside the Stone Mountain Park.

Marriott Evergreen Resort

The Marriott Evergreen Resort is another Marriott Golf Resort and is located inside the park. This hotel is very convenient for visiting the park and playing golf. The rooms were fine. You get three choices of views. The parking lot, Lake, or stone mountain. We had a view of the lake, which was nice. The view of Stone Mountain is somewhat obscured by trees.

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Stone Mountain Park

I’ve been to Stone Mountain Park a few times over the years. You basically can walk up or take the Skyride. If you are going to take the Skyride, I would go early, as there can be long lines for the Skyride.

Stone Mountain Golf Courses

There are 2 golf courses at Stone Mountain Park. The Lakemont Golf course and the Stonemont Golf Course.

Stonemont Golf Course

This is a fairly tough golf course. You will never get a flat lie on this course.

Stone Mountain Park Golf
Stone Mountain Park Golf
Stonemont Course
Stone Mountain Park Golf

More Stonemont Course Pics

Lakemont Golf Course

This course is more scenic. If you only have time to play one, I would play this one.

Stone Mountain Park Golf
Stone Mountain Park Golf
Stone Mountain Park Golf

More pics of the Lakemont Golf Course

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