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Why I started this website

I started this website because I travel a lot and when I visit an area, I am always looking to play golf. Well, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which course to play. Some golf course websites would make you believe it’s the best course in the world. I once paid $145 to play a course in Las Vegas, and frankly, it was a $35 course. So for visitors to the Orlando area, I’m hoping to help you not make that same mistake by providing up to date info on the area golf courses.

While the site is primarily dedicated to Central Florida, I will also cover courses I’ve played around Florida, other states and countries.

Every course on this website, I have personally played. I live in Central Florida and play all of these courses all the time. I don’t want to put too much fluff and opinion, but let the pictures do the talking. I plan to add a “features” rating system, to allow you to decide if it’s the type of golf course you would like to play.

I am not a professional golfer, and what will be painfully obvious, I am not a professional photographer.


All images on this website are owned by, and taken by, the owner of the parent company of flygolf.com. Do not repost without permission.

Privacy Policy

I don’t collect any information. Standard visitor statistics are maintained, which may include the use of cookies.


This Website is intended to provide information for anyone living near, traveling to, or general browsing curiosity, of golf courses in certain areas.

Based on the Fair Use Act, any mention of any company or organization, including any photos posted, are for commentary purposes.

Golf Courses Omitted from this Website

Any Orlando area golf courses that are not listed on this site, is not an indication of negativity. Golf courses could be omitted for the following reasons:

  • I haven’t played the course ( very, very few )
  • I haven’t played the course in many years
  • Private Course and I can’t get on
  • The site is intended more for visitors, and some courses may not be considered a destination golf course

Favorite Pics: https://flygolf.com/favorite-golf-course-pics/

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